Button Meadow is booked for the summer. Please check back in September. Thank You.


Our Approach

At Button Meadow, we take care of your pets like they are our own, loving them and caring for them like the beloved family members we know they are. The dogs are happy here because we respect and understand them and give them the freedom to be dogs and to have fun in a safe and natural environment. 


lifelong friendships.jpg

Day Care & Boarding

Day campers and boarders play together in one family pack, free to follow their natures in a safe, loving and happy place. 

Lifelong Friendships

We are a family. Most dogs who join our pack stay throughout the years, growing close to the friends they play with all the time and to their human caretakers too. 

Pickup & Dropoff

Convenient 100% door-to-door van taxi service.  Every morning, we pick up the dogs and bring them home again, tired and happy, at the end of the day.  

Beautiful Outdoor Play Yards

Almost one acre of carefully landscaped, fenced green and sunny play yards, surrounded by native meadow flowers.  Plus, we have an additional 14 acres of  woods with frontage on the north branch of the Manhan River.

What Humans Are Saying

“We feel confident Dot is being well cared for and loved. The convenience of pick up, delivery and boarding cannot be matched. Dot comes home excited (and smiling) after her days at Button Meadow!”

 - The Swift-Gillis Family from Florence