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Dog News

Members of the Pack 

Meet the newest members of our pack, Ginger, Otto, and Olive. 

Seasonal News

It's smartweed season. If dogs eat this plant they will have bloody diarrhea so be on the lookout, particularly around the damp places in your yard.  Every day, I am out pulling these weeds where ever they sprout up.  The patch in this photo is near my water spigot in the utility yard.  


In the News

Covid-19 and Our Dogs: The risk is not zero but it is very small.

See articles below for more information.

Button Meadow News

Meeka May Lussier is now Mika Saltis. She had been in daycare five days a week lately.  Once the pandemic shutdown order forced Button Meadow to close, I offered to look after Mika.  Her family agreed.  About six weeks later, her family made the difficult but loving decision to re-home her since they were no longer able to take care of her. They asked if I would adopt her.  Not very much has changed.  Mika is still in daycare every day, but at the end of the day she is home with Sunnie and I. 

Mika And Me.JPG
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