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About Us

Your Dog Is in Great Hands



We focus on maintaining good relationships. Because we have a small and loyal clientele, we come to know you and your dogs very well. Some clients have become good friends. We are flexible and willing to go the extra mile to accommodate special needs.  

Each dog here is a unique and welcome friend. We trust them to behave themselves, and they trust us to give them what they need to feel happy and secure. Beyond the basic rules of obedience, we want them to be free to follow their own unique natures. 


Button Meadow Dog Camp was born out of love. I (Lora) built it to be the dog daycare and boarding service I wish I had for my own dogs but didn’t. When I was an IT consultant traveling all the time, I tried to bring my dogs with me on assignments around the country, but sometimes I couldn’t work it out. The sadness I felt at leaving them five nights out of the week for months at a time and the fear that they were forgotten by a pet sitter or lost and unloved in a boarding kennel have never left me.

My dog daycare and boarding service is small and family style. I know and love each of the dogs.  The daycare and boarding rules and procedures I have in place for my clients and their dogs are straightforward and established for my clients’ convenience and peace of mind and their dogs’ happiness and safety. 


Meet the Team

Friendly & Dedicated


Lora Saltis

Owner & Director

Button Meadow Dog Camp is my home.  I love that it is full of dogs. I can’t imagine it any other way. One day a week, I am on my own here with them. I like to stay hands on and close to the dogs. I also like the person to person contact with my clients. I want them to know me and feel comfortable reaching out any time. The other four days a week, I focus on the paperwork, communication, correspondence, scheduling, resupplying, repairs and upkeep. But, I am almost always around and take time to throw tennis balls, run with a few dogs down to the swimming hole or just give hugs and TLC.


Cassandra Rose

Dog Daycare Aide


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