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We value quality care and flexibility 

Day Camp & Boarding

“Let’s Go!” are the happiest words your dog ever hears. It is their nature to travel with the pack and they are happiest when they are together with their friends.  Day camp dogs and boarding dogs play and live together in one happy family pack.

Lifelong Friendships

Most of our dogs first came as puppies and have stayed through the years, enjoying lifelong friendships. The weekly schedule is stable, so the dogs grow close to each other and to us, too. 


Pickup & Drop-off

We provide 100% door-to-door taxi service. Each weekday morning, the Button Meadow Dog Camp Van picks up the dogs. After 4-5 hours of play, dogs hop into the van and are brought home, tired and happy. 

Beautiful Outdoor Play Yards

Button Meadow has three fenced, grassy play yards on 15 acres of fields and woods, with frontage on the north branch of the Manhan River.These yards have been carefully landscaped over the years and surrounded by plantings of native meadow flowers and trees. High-energy dogs can race each other around our large, grassy play yard without running into the tennis-ball chasers. There's plenty of room for mellow dogs to stretch out in the grass and soak up the sun. 

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